Thursday, May 28, 2009

Multiply 4.0 features detailed (with demo videos)

This is a repost from the Multiply blog. It details the new features found in the current beta, complete with demo videos:

Here's a bit of what you can expect to find in Multiply 4.0:
Redesigned Inbox  Multiply's Inbox has always been the best place to find out what the people you know are up to, but with this release, it's become even better. Here's a bit of what's inside:
PMs made clear  Personal Messages, by their very nature, are one of the most important types of posts that appear in your Inbox. That's why we've given them their own section: so you can quickly see when you have new ones.

Add/remove content type filters  In addition to Personal Messages, you have the option of adding filters for other content types. For instance, if you're a fan of Photos, add a dedicated Photos filter and never miss another album.

Favorite 'Friends & Family'  All the latest posts from a very important individual is just a click away. Which of your contacts are the most important is up to you; "Favorite" a contact to shortlist them, or "View All" to do just that.

Groups are great  Works just like Friends & Family, but for groups. Pick your favorites and never miss a post.

Flagging important posts  If you come across a outstanding Photo Album, thoughtful Blog entry or great Link, make sure to flag it, and come back whenever you want using...

Custom Filters  See all of your Flagged or Subscribed posts, things you've posted or replied to... or whatever combination of factors interests you. Save a Custom Filter and it becomes part of the left rail area.

Easy 'Include' Filtering  Greatly expand your social circle by enabling 'friends of friends' or 'group' posts... with a single click apiece.

Quick Notes  Notes are back, and sharing your thoughts via one is easier than ever. Click Post, start typing, press Enter... and you're done.

Improved Media Locker  We didn't forget to make the Media Locker better, too. Read on for ways we've done so.
Now in the top nav  We've given the Media Locker its own tab at the top of the page, so wherever you are on Multiply, you're just a quick click from the best media management tools on the Web.

Edit and retouch photos  Perfect for making good photos stored on Multiply great photos. Crop, rotate, remove red-eye and more from anything stored in your Media Locker, or shared on your Multiply site!

Latest shared photos and videos; projects
  Right at the forefront of the Media Locker you'll find all of your most recent stuff, including albums you've shared and projects you've recently started. Also included are helpful shop links pointing to our new photo product guides, as well as limited-time offers.

Select-by-dragging  If you're getting ready to work with a large number of photos, you can still click thumbnails one at a time to pick individual ones, or 'click-drag' to select a blog of thumbnails in a rectangular area.

Act-by-dragging, too  Once you have these selected, instead of clicking a toolbar button ("Album," "Email," etc.), why not try dragging and dropping. Same great effect, cool new motion.

Photo/video flagging  The same way you can 'Flag' interesting posts on your Inbox, you can do the same with individual photos and videos that you'd like to come back to, within your Media Locker.

Easy edits of recent things  Photo albums and print projects, alike, can be quickly edited with a single click to their title, as it appears in the left rail under "Albums" or "Projects."

Slide-to-resize thumbnails  In the upper-right corner of the Media Locker, you'll find a "Thumbnail Size" slider. This will, yes, change the size of the thumbnail images that appear... larger with better detail, and smaller with more efficient use of space.

Send photos via e-mail  Want to quickly share your photos outside of Multiply? Select your best and send them to anyone via e-mail using the handy "Email" button.

Other things
  While a good deal of Multiply's functionality now lives under either the Media Locker or Inbox, there are new things that don't quite belong to either category. We haven't forgotten about these miscellaneous marvels!
New look  It is everything a look should be: refined and great! You'll find it pretty much everywhere.

Simplified 'top nav'  We reduced the number of links and buttons that appear along the top of all pages on Multiply, in order to focus on the ones that are most important. 

Comprehensive "Multiply" menu  Clicking the Multiply logo now does something new. Give it a try!

Complete Shop overhaul  We've given our Shop section a complete overhaul. It features the same great products, with a sleek new look. It also works better than ever, and includes helpful gift guides that make giving great gifts a snap for any occasion.

Contact suggestion
  Now, when you connect with someone on Multiply, we'll give you the opportunity to help connect your new contact with some of your existing ones. All it takes is a click to suggest that your friend Bob, who already knows your friend Mary, become Multiply contacts as well.

Picasa plugin  If you use Picasa to organize photos on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, posting photos to Multiply just got a lot easier. Install Multiply's Picasa pluginand share photos on your Multiply site from Picasa.

People You May Know  Based on the contacts you have, Multiply will recommend other individuals you're most likely to know, and would want to connect with.

Global search box  Three useful searches: people, content and groups, are available from one small box, located at the top of any page.

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