Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Multiply Changes to Come

From the
Multiply Blog, below is a quick rundown of what more will be new in Multiply 4.0. These things I still haven't seen in my new Multiply interface:

Setup area - Now you have one area to visit if you ever need to make changes to your account settings, including your profile information, e-mail alerts, password changes, etc. Plus, when a new user accepts your invitation to join the site, they are sent directly through Setup to help them get started with Multiply and understand how to use the site. Click Setup at the top of any page to check it out.

Welcome page - We renamed the "Multiply" page to "Welcome." Now the page tells you even more about what's new on the site since your last visit.

Home Pages page - Now there's an easier way to get to other people's home pages, including all of your contacts and groups. Click on Home Pages at the top of any page.

Add multiple contacts at once - The Add Contact button on the Network page now has a dropdown feature so you can add one new contact or many at once. Now you can copy and paste an existing mailing list to spread the word to more people.

Move your Friendster network here - A few people told us they spent time building a big network on Friendster and would love to be able to import their network to Multiply. Now it's easy. Just use the Add Contact button on the Network page.

Easier way to sort the Messages page - Just click one of the content icons in the left margin when you want the Messages page to display only photo albums or any other specific content type. Your selections are always clearly highlighted in the left margin.

Help your new contacts find people they know - When someone accepts your invitation to join Multiply, the best thing to do is show them who else they know on the site. Now it's easy with the Help Connect feature on the Network page. Just select your newest contact, and choose the people who should be notified that this person is now on Multiply.

The home page is more customizable - They've added a title that always appears at the top of your home page. The default title is your name and the web address (URL) for your page. Look for the Change Page Titles link in the right margin of your home page to customize the title of your overall site, and all your individual pages.

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