Monday, May 11, 2009

Are you Evolving as a Blogger? (by Anton Diaz @ iBlog5)

One of the most interesting talks for me during iBlog5 held last Saturday (May 09) at the UP College of Law was that from Anton Diaz who talked about taking one's blog to the next level. 

Anton offered a different way to classifly blogging -- instead of categorizing bloggers based on their motivations to blog, he offers that bloggers evolve from one kind to another. 

He suggests: "We need to look at bloggers in terms of their evolution. If you want to take your blog to the next level, you need to look at which stage you are in that evolution and what skills or mindset you need to have to go to the next level."

Here are the phases he described:
  1. Artist blogger: Starter bloggers use blogs initiall as a vehicle for personal expression. They use blogs as their online journal, and the skills they need to master in this stage is to write naturally. To transcend to the next level, you will need to find your passion.
  2. Advocate blogger: Bloggers who support a specific cause are on this level. A critical skill needed will be on blog marketing -- how you can make your blog be heard by more people. To evolve, you will need to learn about online business models and see blogging as a publishing venture.
  3. Entrepreneur logger: Now as a publisher, like media, your blog becomes a personal brand asset. Internet marketing becomes a critical skill -- where you aim to earn money from blogging, both ethically and legally. The next level you'd want to achive is to start caring about other people's growth as bloggers.
  4. The Maven: When you reach this level, your blog is your life. From being a student, you become a mentor. And your greatest desire is to die having lived the life of a Maven.

You can read more about these in his blog post which is based from last Saturday's session.

Some quotable quotes from Anton:

"Blogging is the greatest powerful tool invented on the Internet"

"Blogging empowers you to live a life of meaning and purpose."

"Content is King. Marketing is Queen. Advocacy is the Ace."

I loved the simplicity and insightfulness of his thoughts. It got me thinking of where I was and where I want to be. As a relatively-new blogger, I'm overwhelmed with the information I get to gather about blogging and the do's and don'ts I need to learn -- how to get good traffic, how to monetize my site, how to get followers. Anton has inspired me by providing a path I can follow. He's what a blogger maven looks like.


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