Saturday, May 16, 2009

Globe Paramihan Challenge: Paramihan nga ba talaga ang challenge?

A fellow blogger shared to me this link about a Globe online promotion called, "The Paramihan Challenge," launched on Multiply. 

At first, it looked interesting: A video competition encouraging participants to create videos with the "paramihan" theme. It could fly, I thought even as I found the theme a bit too broad and vague.

The contest seemed to be intended to basically create awareness for Globe EverybodyTXT20, evident from a paragraph copy inserted within the contest description. A bit lame, but then I was able to read it so it made me aware. Check.

But then, as I was reading thru the contest mechanics, it was apparent that the mechanics told participants how to create, upload videos and join the content. But it wasn't clear how the winners will be chosen. Paramihan lang ba? What if I shoot a video of all the stars in the sky. Do I win? A PHP100K contest prize is attractive enough just for shooting a video, but what's the judging criteria? Paramihan ba ng viewers? Paramihan ba ng comment? Or paramihan lang ng videos para may metrics na ipapakita sa Globe client?

I tried adding the group to my multiply to see if maybe they'll provide more information. Nada. WYSIWYG. It doesn't even tell the inclusive dates of the promotion.

I was informed that this was a Universal McCann project. UM,  what gives? Was this a draft promotion for client presentation? Then, why has it been published and being circulated? Alam ba ito ng DTI? O, dahil walang product purchase no need to clear with DTI?

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