Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google Wave: A Wave of Mixed Reactions

Here's a list of links I've put together as reference to those who want to know more about Google Wave and how the websphere is reacting. 

I'm not shocked at the mixed reviews, as everyone is entitled to his own opinion. But I'm apalled at the wait-and-see attitude of a lot of people. This is not Microsoft or Apple saying, "Hey, I have a new product that I will sell to the world!" But rather, it's Google saying, "Hey, I have a great idea that will change the world, AND I WANT YOU TO HELP ME MAKE IT HAPPEN."

I still have doubts that Google's intentions are purely altruistic, but I believe this is the future and it's about to begin.


Links from Google

Explanations & Reactions


  1. This is the future of online communications.

    Thing is, it's another excuse Google created to snoop on the information exchange between individuals and groups.

    Imagine they'l now everything that users are talking real time. Now they can even get your typing speed! Not that it's important data...but you get my point.

    It's like a wire tap to every internet users. Since all activity goes to the servers (as you type) how will we know they're not storing it in there.

    Well...that's the paranoid tech side of me speaking.

    But on the other hand...I'm really excited to use Wave. I'm hoping they open up a beta version soon.

    I believe it is the future. And I believe Google is solidly cementing their way to computing dominance.

  2. Sorry for the shitty grammar...I'm kinda dazed already. I just got home from a gig....heheh.

  3. Google Wave is an open platform and protocol, so you don't necessarily need to run Wave on a Google server. Thus, confidential info doesn't necessarily have to be shared with Google, like with email.

    I've always believed that Google will become The Matrix in the future. Inevitable.

    I tried requesting for a test account already, and you can try too.


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