Friday, May 22, 2009

5 New viral videos make it to the Top 10 charts (by Visible Measures))

Visible Measures releases a new Top 10 YouTube viral video list. The following list of 5 are new to the Top 10 and are worth noting:
  1. Nike Basketball: Most Valuable Puppets campaign by Wielden & Kennedy at #2 with 810K views for current week.  
  2. Frito-Lay: Woman's World campaign by OMD/Mindshare/Juniper Group/Jam Media at #2 with 714K views for current week.  
  3. T-mobile: new Singalong in Trafalgar Square campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi / MediaCom at #5 with 387K views for current week. 
  4. Coca-cola: Open Happiness campaign by Mother, London at #7 with 302K views for current week.  
  5. Bontrust: Make Your Money Multiply With Us campaign by Grabarz & Partner at #8 with 288K views for current week.  
Samsung's YouTube HD Camera Trick Challenge (revealed) by The Viral Factory is back on the charts at #6 with 371K views for current week.  

Still topping the charts at #1 is Vodafone's Make the Most of Now campaign.  

T-mobile's T-mobile Dance, Cadbury's Eyebrow Dance, and Samsung's Extreme Sheep LED Art drop to #4, #9 and #10, respectively, but still make it on the Top 10 charts.

Original AdAge article here.

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