Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ako Mismo a hot topic on iBlog5

I had to drag myself out of the house so early in the morning today to get to UP Diliman for iBlog5. But it was all worth it because the conference tackled some hot issues, including the concerns about the Ako Mismo campaign.

I had a chance to speak briefly with Atty. JJ Disini during one of the breaks. Janette introduce me to him as one of those who has been blogging about the campaign. 

He expressed his concerns on the privacy and security policies of the site -- that the site owners are saying that they will exert efforts to protect the personal information they have been collecting but are NOT liable to any security breech. 

He also pointed out that DDB has owned up to being the "spirit behind the campaign" but legally this is vague and does not defintively claim ownership to the site and the campaign.

During the conference, both Atty. Disini and Janette Toral used the Ako Mismo campaign as an example in their talks about "Legal Issues in Blogging", and "Citizen Journalism for the 2010 Elections"  (delivered for NAMFREL chairman Oliver Robillo).

I had to leave the conference unexpectedly but I was able to follow the rest of the conference on and Twitter(#iblog5).

Some tweets from #iBlog5 from @thepocnet / @thepocnews:
Philippines has no comprehensive privacy law; Atty. JJ Disini talks about the privacy policy in Ako Mismo campaign #iblog5

Ako Mismo issue is an example of how internet users are speaking out more and more. - Janette Toral #iblog5

Janette Toral touches on Filipino Voices, MLQ3, and again, Ako Mismo and Maxene Magalona's reaction. #iblog5


  1. Thanks Lawrence for dropping by. I also showed your site during my talk. =)

  2. I learned new things at iblog5.. and i believe that iblog6 is an event to watch out

  3. Yes, Janette, thank you so much for that. You've been instrumental to making my blog more popular.

  4. thanks for the post, dexter. Yup, hope to see you in iblog6, or sooner. :)

  5. Hi Lawrence. Thanks for quoting POC's tweets in your blog :)

  6. @laya, it was fun reading your tweets. Especially when I had to leave the conference and the live streaming was down for a while.

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