Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Multiply is starting to look more like Facebook

Since Multiply released it's new version, I've seen a lot of good improvements in it's interface and functionality. What I've always liked about Multiply is the permanence of your posts, much like a blog with social network functionality, unlike Facebook that it could be difficult to retrieve old posts once it goes down your stream.

Here's how my Multiply inbox looks like now: still the familiar content as before, but with this left sidebar where a lot of functionality is at your fingertips. The newest changes include the Post Content box with quick access for posting photos, videos, blog entries and notes. Notes function much in the same way as Facebook status updates except that you'll have to click on them to get to the comments.

Will these changes attract more Multiply users who are most likely already on Facebook? I doubt. But I think it will make current Multiply users come back and be more active again in Multiply.

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