Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top 5 reasons why luxury brands should rethink online advertising (From Microsoft Advertising)

Research Report|08.06.09

Online advertising is under-utilized in luxury brands’ marketing strategies despite its vital role to play in ensuring competitiveness in the current economic downturn. Microsoft Advertising’s latest Lovers of Luxury research demonstrates a strong appetite amongst luxury consumers for greater engagement with brands in the digital space. Here are the top 5 reasons why the internet is the perfect platform for luxury brands to communicate and engage with the luxury consumers.

1. Luxury consumers across Asia represent a younger breed of luxury consumers who are more internet savvy. They use the internet for a multitude of activities each month, with very high usage levels of Microsoft channels.
Opportunity: Create targeted communications to luxury consumers.

2. More than two-thirds of luxury consumers are actively seeking information online about luxury goods.
Opportunity: Develop and facilitate relationship with luxury consumers through online means, such as exclusive online offers and club memberships.

3. The internet is being used to inspire and instigate luxury purchases, previously the heartland of traditional media.
Opportunity: Utilize the internet to effectively target luxury consumers online during this purchase phase.

4.The internet is a critical source of information during the pre-purchase decision-making stage.
Opportunity: Use effective online communications to influence purchases.

5. Luxury consumers have a positive attitude towards luxury advertising online.
Opportunity: Position high quality luxury advertising in a context which fits the brand image.

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