Friday, July 31, 2009

Globe Duo goes direct comparative advertising

I found this write-up on the new Globe Duo website -- an unapologetic comparison between Globe Duo and other similar products it supposedly competes with. But is it accurate? Is it a fair assessment? And, does it go against Adboard's Code which has rules against comparative advertising?

For now, I will suspend my judgement. I'm loving my Smart line. And, hey, they have a Smart Unlimited option which I still have to decide wherther it's worth it for me.

I'd like to hear your thoughts though. Comment on. :)



Globe measures against the competition

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Consumers are constantly barraged by offers from telecom companies. They promise unlimited calling, unlimited texting, mobile-landline connectivity, and a slew of other services at the lowest rates possible. But which of these offers actually deliver?

There are currently four other telecom companies in the market that offer similar services¿PLDT Landlines Plus, Bayan Wireless Landlines, Sun Cellular’s Double Unlimited Plan, and Smartalk. Globe recently came out with Duo¿a 2-in-1 landline and mobile service. Sceptical consumers might ask, is Duo simply Globe’s version of unlimited calling? How is it different?

Duo utilizes a different technology. Globe teamed up with Acision, the world’s leading messaging company, to design a service that allows you to call any landline and any duo-ready mobile phone. Duo allows you to have a mobile and a landline in one phone. In comparison, Sun Cellular’s 24/7 call and text unlimited, and Smart Communication’s Smarttalk, are just price cuts. They offer unlimited mobile-to mobile calls but only to subscribers within the same network. If your contacts are not Smart or Sun users, then you can’t make the most of their offer.

PLDT Landlines Plus offers a similar mobile to landline connectivity. It allows you to make unlimited landline calls and texts for a fixed monthly rate. But once you exceed your plan’s free allocation, you are charged by the minute. With Duo, you don’t have to keep track of the minutes you consume because it is unlimited. Telecom companies present competitive prices to give consumers more value for their money. Bayan Wireless Landline costs P499 per month, PLDT Landline Plus is P600 per month, and SunTel Wireless Landline costs P499 per month. Globe DUO Postpaid Plan has the most affordable rate at only P399 per month. Early subscribers note that Duo also allows them to save significantly on their monthly phone bills.

With PLDT and Bayan’s offers you need an additional handset for the service. You might have to pay an additional P1000 for a PLDT Landlines Plus handset. Sun Cellular’s Double Unlimited Plan provides you a dual SIM phone. But the problem with dual SIM phones is that whenever SIM1 is active in calls, SIM2 cannot receive calls or even SMS. So if you're talking to someone using your regular Sun Postpaid line, you cannot accept incoming calls on your SunTel wireless landline. Duo doesn’t require any additional handsets. With Duo you just have one SIM with your duo landline number and mobile number stored in it. You are easily accessible.

To apply to Bayan, you have to submit some requirements. With Duo, you can just subscribe through text. Application is simple and hassle-free.

Consumers need to sift through the marketing ploys to find the service that really works for them. When it comes to affordability, practicality, and uniqueness of the product, it seems that Duo has the edge.


  1. Am biased! GLOBE DUO is the better option if not the best! :) - lee-

  2. so much for smart stuff, i am loving my GLOBE DUO, unli call up to sawa!

  3. James - Yeah..I love Globe Duo! Better than any unlimited deals!

  4. concerning Smartalk according to Consumer group Consumer Complaints Center, Inc. has filed a complaint with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) against Smart Communications, Inc.’s promo "Smartalk," calling it "deceptive" and "confusing." Consumer Complaints Center President Vicente F. Gambito said his group has been receiving complaints about smartalk on the supposed poor service of the unlimited voice call promo smartalk. Mr. Gambito claimed the service bogged down during the first two weeks of implementation of smartalk, and that the *6400 service was unavailable for reasons such as the "phone was unattended" or "phone is outside of the coverage area", but a connection could be made to an non Smartalk number using a regular call without the use of the prefix *6400 of smartalk. Also, attempts to subscribe to Smartalk during the period only resulted in receiving delayed messages saying the promo was unavailable at the time the registration was made.



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