Friday, July 24, 2009

Marketer Mistakes on Dealing with Bloggers (From AdAge Digital)

This is very insightful for marketers who want to tap the blogsphere for their brands. Watch the video here. (I couldn't embed the video so you'll have to view it on a separate window.)

In an About Digital report, AdAge interviews Elisa Camahort Page, COO and co-founder of is an online community and content hub that runs an ad-supported network of more than 2,500 female blogger, and has become the de facto standard bearer for women bloggers in the US.

The video focuses on mommy bloggers but the tips are easy to extend to any kind of blogger initiative or online PR effort. Some of them include:

1. Set clear goals

2. Allocate resources: both staff & financial resources

3. Know the blogger

4. Develop a relationship

5. Set up brand ego alerts: be aware when a blogger mentions your brand or product

6. No spam campaigns: don't ask bloggers to spam for you

7. Be transparent: don't fool the reader

8. Maintain content integrity standards

9. Learn to engage: don't make the brand the conversation; make the brand part of the conversation the community is interested in

It's worth the effort to watch the video. Please do watch it.

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