Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leo Burnett's TRANSFASHION campaign launches in HK

Client: MetersBonwe Group, China (youth apparel)
Agency: Leo Burnett Shanghai
Campaign: TransFashion

Adobo magazine writes about it: The campaign pokes fun at the mortal rivalry between the Autobots and the Decepticons. While the teaser phase of the outdoor campaign borrows from the original Transformers comic strips, the television campaign deftly combines Transformers film footage with additional shots, to poke fun at the animosity between the two groups.

The campaign's microsite (which is in Chinese, so tough luck for a lot of us) features an app that allows users to create their own DIY Transformers and email that to friends.

Wei Wei Chen, Chairperson and CEO of Leo Burnett Group, Shanghai explains:
“The first Transformer movie was a huge hit among the Chinese youth. We noticed that a lot of fans started sticking Autobot or Decepticon icons on their cars, laptops, and skateboards, as a way of expressing themselves. We decided to play on the division between supporters of these two camps and let people express their lifestyle and passion by association with one side or the other.”

This reminds me of our local campaign for Level Up's RF Online a few years back. I even posted a video in Multiply that we produced about that pitch. Check it out.

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