Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Social Business: A New Concept

What is Social Business?

This webcast tackles the impact of the social phenomenon over how every aspect of business is done. If you have an hour to listen, it's an hour well spent.


  1. Wake up!

    First, Social Business is definitely not a new concept! It has always been out there somehow: the cooperatives etc.

    Secondly, please do not mix Social Media and Social Business since the first is no more than a communication tool concept and that the second is a business concept that is present in any industry.

    Thridly, I would like to remind you that companies which have CSR policies are most of the time not Social Businesses or Social Enterprises...
    How come can you talk about Coca Cola as an example?! Come on...

    Social Businesses and Social Enterprises have their financial and social/environmental goals tight.
    Look at the definition on www.clearlyso.com

    Finally, I definitely get your point about the measurement..
    Do we need an entity that states (through a label) if a company is a Social Business/Enterprise or not??

    Have a good day,

    All the best,


  2. Points taken, Thomas. But by your standards, nothing is new in this world. I think it's the consciousness of the impact of today's social technology on business is what this is all about. And the discussion is about how to take different business processes to the next level is what's at stake here.

    Creativity is finding a new take on something already existing.


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