Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Effective Measure: Growth spurt in mobile Internet in the Philippines

Over 35% of Filipino Internet users adopt mobile Internet
A growth spurt in mobile Internet use in South East Asia (SEA) resulted in an over 35% of Filipino Internet users to adopt mobile Internet- placing Philippines third in SEA for mobile use. Compared to March 2011, mobile Internet use among Filipinos increased by over 48% in April 2011.
Effective Measure Regional Director (SEA) Russell Conrad credits this growth to the increasing popularity of Smartphones, “Along with the boom of Smartphones throughout the region, a growing number of consumers, including over half a million Filipino Internet users, are adopting mobile Internet to access infotainment, conduct business and engage in e-commerce while on the go.
Comparison of the increase in mobile Internet use in SEA from March to April 2011:

The following details the browsing patterns of Filipino mobile Internet users in April 2011:
  • Mobile Internet users stayed on a webpage at an average of 51 seconds, 22 seconds more than PC users
  • Each session on mobile Internet lasted for at an average of 5.42 minutes, 34 seconds more than a PC session
  • Mobile internet users viewed an average of 7 pages per session, 4 pages less than PC users
“The progress of the Philippines market is deeply encouraging. The increased activity seen on mobile Internet provides an opportunity for businesses to target the Philippines market and establish mobile-friendly interfaces to strengthen an online presence,” said Conrad.
Most likely this study included mobile internet usage over WiFi, not just mobile data usage. Not sure what had caused the sudden surge between March & April 2011. Feature phones? The iPad? Android phones?

What's your take on this?

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