Friday, February 25, 2011

What Can Make You Happy? Click to Find Out.

Watch this video clip recently posted on YouTube: 

In a local adaptation of Coca-Cola's global Happiness campaign, the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck has struck in the Philippines. 

Coke writes in their YouTube post:
A Coca-Cola delivery truck is converted into a happiness machine on wheels delivering "doses" of happiness in the streets of Marikina, Philippines. Where will happiness strike next?
It's great to see simple joys being celebrated, and it's apt for Filipinos like how it was apt for a bunch of campus students in the US version. I like the localization to a roving truck bringing happiness to far-reaching corners of the country.

Where will the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck strike next? Only Coke knows. Will this go viral as hoped? Only if you pass it on. ;)

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