Friday, January 28, 2011

From BGR: A Facebook mobile phone?

Ooh! A Facebook-branded phone! How cool is that? Will Facebook now enter into the device race? Will they have a separate track on the Android build? Anything seems possible at this point.

I love how HTC knows who to partner with. I'm so happy with my Google Nexus One phone, it was quite disappointing how Google dropped HTC to partner with Samsung for the next gen Nexus S. Having a pure native device is cool because you get all the firmware updates early. I know it's the Apple model also, but I still don't like Apple for its snobbish stance to the open-source community. Yay to Facebook & HTC, boo to Apple.

[UPDATE] Facebook has denied that the phones will be Facebook-branded. See Mashable's report on this:


Facebook to launch two branded smartphones at MWC, report claims

By: Zach Epstein | Jan 26th, 2011 at 01:21PM
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Facebook will announce two Facebook-branded smartphones at next month’s Mobile World Congress according to a new report from City A.M. The report contradicts Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s earlier claim that the company was not working on branded cell phones, but was instead working to create a better, more comprehensive Facebook experience across existing mobile platforms. HTC will build the new Facebook phones according to the report, and they will feature branding and coloring in line with Facebook’s website. City A.M.goes on to state that the devices will run a modified build of Google’s Android operating system that will display information from a user’s Facebook account on the home screen. Details pertaining to pricing and availability are not yet available.



  1. Facebook says it was HTC created a phone that integrates with their API but it wasn't commissioned by them. As for Apple being snobbish with the open source community, that's not true. They've open sourced webkit which they use for their Safari browser. You're actually using it right now because it's the same engine Google Chrome uses. :-)

  2. That's something good to know about Apple. And I do admire them for their great design and concepts. And I guess their marketing model really is to make consumers pay for what they get. But, boy, they do make a lot of money from end users.

    Not the same model Google & Facebook has where end users get things for free and it's the advertisers who pay. I guess I'm coming from the end consumer mindset.


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