Monday, May 10, 2010

Amuro Namie | "Wild" -- Japanese Singing Sensation Reveals her Wild Heart

Asian music is taking the world by storm and Manila, for one, couldn’t be any more welcoming. What many of us once thought were unusual mixes and beats, not to mention incomprehensible lyrics, are now fast becoming the staple background music of our daily routines. No doubt, the Sandaras and Super Juniors along with all the J-pop and K-pop superstars of this side of the globe are invading the airwaves and we can’t help but sing along.

Recently, more and more heads are turning into the north eastern part of the map with eyes staring amazedly at the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan where a distinct energy is spurring and a vibe-licious sound is echoing wildly. An undisputedly great talent is surfacing within the consciousness of Pinoy music lovers and it goes by the name Amuro Namie.

Amuro is a celebrated icon in the Japanese entertainment biz. In the country at present, she is becoming more and more known as the Japanese singing sensation who’s gone “wild”; wild at the charts and wild at heart.

Through the renowned Japanese record label Avex Entertainment Inc., Amuro’s hit single “Wild” was released in the country last year. The track features the music of michico and T. Kura of Giant Swing Productions. A catchy danceable song that has a futuristic groove into it, Wild superbly showcases a good harmony between Amuro’s matchless vocals and upbeat music.

Since her musical debut, Amuro has remained one of the longest surviving popular female acts in Japan. Not only is she an accomplished singer, Namie Amuro has perfected the art of stage performance. In her live performances and videos, it’s unmistakable that her years of training in dance always pop out. As what a critic once write about her, “she captures the hearts of her audience by the graceful animation of her stage personality. Amuro Namie has been the most notable Japanese singer to emerge from the Japanese music culture”.


  1. i hope that her video will be aired on myx, i always hope that she could dominate her in the philippines, and yes! she actually made it!

    more power amuro chan!!


  2. @Pai: I think they've started airing the video on MYX already. I hope you get to catch it.

  3. @lawrence:: oh great! uhm, do you know where can i find her CD? i went to SM Manila (Astroplus and Odyssey), and i couldn't find it, hope that i could catch her video!

  4. @Pai: Avex, as far as I know is not that active here in the Philippines. Not sure how much of J-pop is really promoted here, but we've discovered that there's an underground following to it.


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