Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Real Leaf Green Tea Paparazzi Photos Spread On the Blogsphere

Real Leaf green Tea, the newest RTD tea beverage by Coca-Cola/Nestea goes digital via the blogsphere. Several photo submission contests have been launched by 5 of the country's top bloggers on their own popular blogs:
Each blogger will award an iPod Nano to the best photo submission of their choice among entries to their own blogs. Real Leaf will then choose one among the five winners to receive and additional PhP 10K and some products. Not bad at all!

And, on top of this, a similar blog contest has also been launched by the Nuffnang network among its bloggers. Ten blog entries will be awarded great prizes. If you have a blog that has Nuffnang ad spaces, you're eligible to join!

I'm sure you've been seeing more and more people out there drinking Real Leaf. So why not grab your camera and start shooting like a paparazzi! You have until end of January 2010 to shoot and post your entries. Lots of people to shoot photos of, so there's lots of photos to submit. Get creative.

And while you're at it, try it yourself and find out why so many people love it! Aside from it tasting great, it's made of 100% green tea that's packed with theanine that helps keep your mind and body 100% ON.

If you're already a fan of Real Leaf, why not be part of the Real Leaf green tea Fan page on Facebook. Aside from some cool Real Leaf apps, you'll find the links to some of the contest entries there.

I hope to see a Real Leaf paparazzi photo on your blog soon.

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