Friday, August 28, 2009

Essential of a Viral Video (From AdAge Digital)

Ad Age talks about the elements of a successful viral campaign. In a nutshell, Martin Lindstrom, former global COO of British Telecom/LookSmart, a former BBDO executive and the author of the books "Buyology," "BrandSense," BrandChild," "Brand Building on the Internet" and "Clicks, Bricks & Brands," talk about the 3 key elements:
  1. Talk value: The viral needs to have something that will make people talk about it to others.
  2. Sensational: The viral needs to do something never been done before, and NOT fit for regular TV viewing.
  3. Soap: To have a successful viral campaign, you can't have a one-hit-wonder. The idea has to travel several videos.

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