Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Very Familiar...

It's interesting how work conversations can be so similar even across the other side of the globe.  Take this quote from my latest newsletter from AdAge Digital (full article here):

CMO: We want you to get bloggers to write about our site and generate 250K monthly visits through their posts.

Agency: What is your demographic? What is your goal for that traffic?

CMO: We want them to spend money on the site, and we want to see how much traffic social media can generate.

Agency: What support will you give to your "experiment"? Does your budget include search engine optimization? PR? Google advertising? Company blog? Advertising on targeted blogs? A forum? An interactive website? Content sponsorship? Sponsored blog posts? Videos? Print advertising? Email campaign?

CMO: Those cost money. We don't have budget available for any of those.

Agency: Who on your staff has this campaign as his/her full-time responsibility?

CMO: Nobody.

Agency: What other marketing tools can we employ? Can we create a blog? Facebook page? Flickr group? YouTube videos? Twitter? Can we participate in social networks including Friend Feed and other online communities?

CMO: Our legal department says we cannot allow people to write on the wall on our Facebook pages. We can't participate in Twitter because everything we say has to pass through legal first and approval can take several days. So any site where we are expected to engage in public conversation would be out.

I get that a lot not only from clients, but sometimes from the people I work with in the agency. It's sad how everybody's talking digital, but only a few want to step up and put their budgets and their guts on the line. These are the times I'd love to say, "Look, if you don't want to risk it, then this conversation is over." Sometime I do.


  1.'ll hear that over and over and over and ove again from clients. Sad though that so many people talk about digital about only a very few really know it's value.

    The most common flaw of marketers, specially client side, is that when they think digital...they think cheap. Specially when they see all these digital platforms lying around and being used by people for FREE. What they fail to understand is that digital is cost-efficient...and sometimes not cheap...but still cost-efficient. You'll know exactly where your money goes and how much effect it has on your market. And that's the real advantage.

    Moreover, taking advantage of the existing platforms (i.e. Multiply, Twitter, Plurk, etc.) doesn't mean that it'll cost cheap. They fail to see that what makes these platforms work are the HEALTHY/ACTIVE people in it. So if they want their brand to take the plunge...they have to make sure that it blends (the brands profile/acct) needs to mingle, participate in short be active in the space. And most importantly it has to speak the language of the people in the network. So that means they have to hire dedicated people to do this. That means they'll still spend money. But at least they don't have to create the's already there...FOR FREE. But it's imperative that they have a dedicated person to "activate" their account.

  2. Sounds very familiar, Law! :o)


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